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Ukrainian superheroes and the indomitable power of partnership

Especially for the anniversary of unbreakable strength, the Aurora multimarket chain, together with the fundraising platform initiated by the President of Ukraine, UNITED24, launched a heroic campaign called 'The Way to Victory'. It turned into the voice of the Ukrainian nation and aimed to tell about the brave and unbreakable Ukrainians to a wide audience. 

American actor Mark Hamill, most widely known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, became an ambassador of the UNITED24 fundraising campaign.

The campaign raised a total of UAH 11,2M, with Ukrainians contributing UAH 5M and the Aurora multimarket chain adding UAH 6,2M. The money raised was used to buy two RQ-35 Heidrun spy drones for Ukrainian defenders.

To create the project, Art Nation Loyalty brought together the best artists and scriptwriters to work on heroic graphic novels about the resistance of Ukrainians during the first months of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The 10 graphic stories highlight real events that supported many people in difficult times: about Zmiinyi Island, the legendary Ghost of Kyiv, Azovstal fortress, and others. The total number of 30,000 sold copies of the graphic novels set a record for Ukraine.

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A distinctive project

encompassing creative, historical, business, and charitable objectives that set the retailer apart in the market.

'In reality, things are not like in the movies. There are no superheroes wearing capes, Jedi knights, time machines, or magic wands. Instead, there are millions of real people standing up to real evil. And they all need real support. We can help them. Each of your donations brings the victory of light over darkness closer, making each one of us a little bit of a superhero. A real one.'  

Mark Hamill, the Ambassador of UNITED24 fundraising campaign  

Following a large-scale campaign with a charitable component called 'Cossacks and Aurora' within the Aurora multimarket chain, we partnered with the UNITED24 fundraising platform and started another campaign called 'The Way to Victory' together. 

The main goal — fundraising for the purchase of Heidrun RQ-35 spy drones.

Two graphic novels about Ukrainian heroes were featured in the campaign with a total number of 30,000 copies (this is a record for Ukraine).

The characters in graphic novels are real people and collective images like the ghost of Kyiv, heroes from Zmiinyi Island, a witch from Konotop, and Azovstal defenders. The idea of being unbreakable is revealed throughout the graphic novel, offering courage and hope. Art Nation Loyalty and The Will Production studio, as chroniclers of the present times, immortalized the heroic deeds of Ukrainians on paper.

Also, an English edition of the graphic novel called 'PEREMOHA: Victory for Ukraine' was published for the international audience.

The graphic novel 'PEREMOHA: Victory for Ukraine' became a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Book Award (USA) and received a silver medal in the Graphic Novel category in May 2023! The Independent Book Publishers Association is the largest publishing association in the United States, and this award is considered one of the most important national honors for independent publishers.

Ukrainian stars Olya Polyakova, Anna Trincher, and POSITIFF recorded the song 'The Way to Victory'. The video clip to the song has been viewed more than 2.1 million times on YouTube and created a real stir on TikTok with more than 22 million views under the hashtag #шляхдоперемоги trends.

Art Nation Loyalty developed a comprehensive campaign including the following touchpoints with the customers:

  • Colorful graphic novel with stories about superheroes. Two editions in Ukrainian and one in English for the international audience. A special limited edition featuring 10 stories in a single hardcover book was created in a quantity of 50 copies. The graphic novels were published in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and the United States.

  • 30 charity chips based on the graphic novel 'The Way to Victory' and a tube to store the collection. Each chip = 1 UAH for the drone.

On February 24th, at 5 am, a campaign was launched by the Aurora multimarket chain, involving the broadcast of the song "The Way to Victory" on more than 20 Ukrainian radio stations.

Additionally, Aurora held a charity football tournament for women called Aurora Cup — The Way to Victory 2023 (took place February 25th-28th). The final day of the tournament saw a big charity game. It was attended by well-known representatives of Ukrainian entertainment and sports industries, bloggers and tik-tokers.

"The 'Way to Victory' Campaign Mechanics:

During the campaign, clients of the Aurora multimarket chain have the opportunity to buy charitable products, including graphic novels, chips, and tubes, at a special price if they make a purchase of a certain amount. Profits from the sale of collection products were transferred through the UNITED24 platform to purchase RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones. What's more, everyone could donate any amount of money to the campaign jar at Monobank.

At the end of April 2023, the editorial board of the largest information Viber group in Ukraine, BLYSKAVKA and UNITED24, started a new fundraising campaign as well supported by Viber Ukraine, FAVBET and Aurora Multimarket. All participants had the opportunity to win an exclusive graphic novel 'The Way to Victory,' signed by Valeriy Zaluzhnyi (Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces), Mark Hamill (UNITED24 Ambassador and American Star Wars actor) and receive valuable presents from their partners.

A total amount of UAH 11,2M was raised: Ukrainians raised UAH 5M, and the Aurora multimarket chain added UAH 6.2M. The raised money was transferred through the UNITED 24 fundraising platform to purchase two RQ-35 Heidrun spy drones for our defenders.

'It is essential that campaigns meet the demands of the time. There is no greater goal for Ukrainians than a victory. In The Way to Victory, we brought together business, the public, and public figures, which is extremely important. This project will reveal to the world the real superheroes of our time who are fighting on the side of light every day. We highly appreciate the openness to new ideas and constant support of charitable initiatives of the Aurora multimarket chain,' said Eduard Akhramovych, CEO and founder of Art Nation Loyalty.



We introduced a new solution for the Ukrainian retailer: a loyalty campaign integrated with a charitable component to enhance brand awareness. The campaign aligned with timing and client needs while collaborating with the Aurora and the local community, seamlessly incorporating donation into daily routines. 

The campaign period: from February 22 to April 30, 2023.

  • 11,2M
    was fundraised during the campaign
  • 2
    RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones were bought
  • 27%
    The growth of the overall foot traffic in Aurora multimarket
  • 22M+
    for the #шляхдоперемоги trends on TikTok.
  • 5,1M+
    The total outreach across social media
  • #2
    The graphic novel was awarded second place in the Benjamin Franklin Book Award (USA)

Aurora Multimarket is a leader in the dollar store segment in Ukraine. The retail chain has more than 1000 stores.

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