Gamified instant win reward та gamified stamp based campaigns with collectible mechanics. 👀

  • We develop unique merchandise and campaigns that drive audience traffic increase and create hype / get viral in social media. 👀

  • Building a connection between the retailer and customers sharing sustainable values and creating precious moments of family time. 👀


From idea and manufacturing the original tailor-made loyalty
campaigns that boost sales of our retail partners to upbringing
the level of social awareness among the customers and making
the world a better place.



We are Art Nation Loyalty and we are empowered by joy to live this life and genuine curiosity to investigate what's new. Being the dreamers, we are never tired of exploring undiscovered aspects of common things. 

Life at Art Nation Loyalty is like showing up for people and the planet, using our gamified ideas, how to drive meaningful change where and when it matters most.

Our values are informed and influenced by every member of the Art Nation Loyalty team. For us, these are more than just words on a page — these principles guide each campaign we craft, serving as the path we’ll follow to achieve our mission and the goals of our clients. 

To create for us means to breathe. We revel in what we do. And this is how blockbusters are born.



Over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience within the media and entertainment industry is at the score of Eduard Akramovych.

He has a strong successful track record in building and scaling businesses, as well as in negotiating and securing partnerships with major corporations.

‘Well, after swimming in the deep waters of the business and entertainment industry for quite a while, I want to believe that Art Nation Loyalty has probably started a kind of a new path. To identify the possible opportunities for growth in every business case is great.

What is bigger, when you seize an opportunity and you so to say take advantage of it and create something that might really make a difference not only in the means of financial profit. We want to make the world a more smart and socially responsible place, and we are pushing ourselves to become masters of the part we play.

We truly recognize that we are all in this together. And I appreciate that to be our mission, we genuinely care about.’


of art nation

We are different voices, sharing the same stage that
bounds art, creativity and business.

  • We’ve made it our business to create some art. We are not content to sit idly by and wait for others to forge new paths — we want to learn faster than the world around us is changing and anticipate the upcoming trends. I believe that sometimes we create trends on our own by crafting such meaningful win-win campaigns with our clients.

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    Chief Product Officer
  • Well, it’s really hard to capture the true culture of a company and put it into words. But I’d like to admit that here at Art Nation we unlock the potential of human creativity every day by giving our partners and clients original growth points as well as lots of their customers the opportunity to enjoy, learn, acquire new habits and be inspired. So that better begins today.

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    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Every campaign we built up for our clients is first of all oriented on their business needs and the goals they set in front of themselves. At the same time, conscious businesses (that fortunately our clients are) desire to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

    That is why, lots of our ideas are tightly connected with starting initiatives that lead to future improvements. Isn’t it just great?’

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    Chief of Sales

Using the power of gamification to
create precious customers experience

We are happy to work and create together with businesses
who go above and beyond the ordinary, but aim to
manufacture smart life-changing campaigns together.

  • Art Nation Loyalty is rated 5/5 average from 15 reviews
    Archil Abuladze
    Carrefour Georgia, Head Of FMCG, Marketing & Src

    We are excited to launch sustainable loyalty program with Joykis here in Georgia. «Little Habits – Big Impact» campaign is a meaningful step we do forward future. We aim to generate huge awareness of everyday simple habits among our customers and their families. The Joykis edutainment format, created by Art Nation Loyalty, perfectly matches our objectives.

  • Art Nation Loyalty is rated 5/5 average from 15 reviews
    Noka Baindurashvili
    2 Nabiji, Head of the Marketing

    We are focused on the new audience engagement and communication as modern family stores. Gamified loyalty campaigns with collectible chips matches our request.  Sure, we attentively listen to the needs of our customers, and could not skip the repetitive message “When will the next game be released?” This is our second campaign with Art Nation Loyalty. And we keep making our customers happy.