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🚢 Gamified Maritime World!

2 Nabiji, Georgian supermarket chain, has launched a gamified loyalty program called "Captains: All Aboard" in partnership with Art Nation Loyalty.

The loyalty program targets children 6-14 y.o., but has gained popularity among fans of mobile games of all ages.

The concept encompasses a mobile game application and a collectible chip-based game featuring captivating graphics and original characters, all centered around maritime adventures. The ultimate goal is to win the legendary title of Captain of the Seven Seas!

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2 Nabiji, Georgia
Concept, Product Development, Production, Design

Captains: All Aboard

a gamified loyalty program in Georgia.

2 Nabiji, a Georgian supermarket chain, is known for its innovative marketing approach that combines the physical shopping experience with digital technologies through collectible chips. In February 2023, 2 Nabiji launched their new loyalty program "Captains: All Aboard", which is the second gamified loyalty program developed in partnership with Art Nation Loyalty.

The campaign features a mobile gaming application and collectible chip mechanics that unlock original characters for customers. The game's storyline revolves around sea adventures, and the ultimate goal is to win the legendary title of Captain of the Seven Seas. This gamified campaign is targeted towards children aged 6 to 14, as well as adult fans of mobile games.

During the brainstorming meeting, we selected the theme of sea adventures for the "Captains: All Aboard" loyalty program concept based on the following key points:

  1. The theme of sea adventures and the aspiration to become a Captain has gained significant popularity among the main target audience of the loyalty program. The game immerses them in a fictional world of maritime adventures, allowing them to fulfill their dream of being a captain and taking charge of their own ship and crew.

  2. The opportunity to build your own collection of characters - the ship's crew is a key feature of the loyalty program. Players collect chips to unlock and collect various characters, participate in the game, and improve their characters' skills and ship characteristics as they work towards the coveted title of Captain of the Seven Seas.

  3. Integration of phygital components: The use of a mobile gaming application as part of the loyalty program complements the physical environment of the supermarket, where customers can purchase collectible chips, with digital technologies. The game offers customers a new and engaging way to interact with the store chain, encouraging more frequent store visits and increasing the average purchase amount.

Collectible mechanics: as part of the loyalty program, customers are rewarded with 1 Captains game chip for every 10 GEL spent on goods at the 2 Nabiji retail chain. These chips can be used to unlock new unique heroes or upgrade their own ship within the Captains TCG game. To activate the characters from the chips and play Captains TCG, participants need to download the free Captains TCG mobile application on their smartphones. After that, they can scan the characters from the chips and immerse themselves in the gamified sea adventure.

To collect all 34 chips and create their own team of courageous explorers, participants can make purchases at any of the 400 stores of the 2 Nabiji retail chain in Georgia.

In addition to the gamified maritime world, 2 Nabiji has also created a tournament with valuable prizes for the winners among the Captains TCG players, further fueling the desire to win among the members of the newly formed fan community!

For this gamified loyalty program, we developed a comprehensive promo campaign consisting of the following essential touchpoints:

  1. Development and adaptation of the Captains TCG game app for 2 Nabiji customers. The app has a rating of 4.6 in the Play Market.

  2. The complex of POS materials including in-store branding like posters, promo stands, price tags, stickers at the cash register, dividers, wobblers, shelf talkers.

  3. Creation of an advertising video for social networks.

  4. Development and production of branded goods under the "Captains: All Aboard" brand, which includes a collection of chips and a collection tube for storing them.

As customers competed for the title of Captain of the Seven Seas, the 2 Nabiji retail chain established itself as the leader in innovative loyalty program solutions in the Georgian market.

Additionally, the program fostered a positive image among customers and cultivated a passionate fan community of over 100,000 members who formed Facebook groups to share updates and features of the game. The success of the gaming community further garnered regular media coverage in the region, as well as user-generated content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, in the form of video reviews showcasing the collectible chips and the world of maritime adventures.

The Captains TCG mobile application has been downloaded by over 50,000 users. The integration of digital components has successfully united customers into a large gaming community, providing family entertainment for both children and adults.



The 2 Nabiji retail chain established itself as the leader in innovative loyalty program solutions in the Georgian market.

The campaign period: from February 6, 2023, to March 31, 2023.

  • 4.6
    Rating of the application on the Play Market.
  • 100K+
    A fan community for the game in Georgia.
  • 50K+
    Downloads of the Captains TCG app.

2 Nabiji has been one of the leading retailers in Georgia for over 12 years. The company is represented by 400 stores across Georgia, and this number is constantly growing.

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