Gamified instant win reward та gamified stamp based campaigns with collectible mechanics. 👀

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  • Building a connection between the retailer and customers sharing sustainable values and creating precious moments of family time. 👀


Holiday wonders for customers of the Aurora

The Aurora multimarket chain, in collaboration with Art Nation Loyalty, has created a unique gift box called 'Miracle Friends' for customers making purchases at the retail chain. Guaranteed surprises are inside each one: a certificate for discounts from the Aurora chain, gifts from the campaign partners — Panasonic, LEGO, VIDEX, Nasha Sila, Freken BOK, SMILE, and gold or silver collectible jewelry. A lucky talisman from the Ukrainian brand DYVOOO, delicious chocolate cookies, and a greeting card are also included. That's not all — customers of the retail chain have the opportunity to participate in a drawing for valuable gadgets and toys.

The miraculous animals that adorn the Miracle Friends products were designed in collaboration with the Ukrainian fashion brand DYVOOO.

Aurora multimarket chain
Concept, Mechanics and Product Development, Production, POSM Design

Gifts and lasting impressions for customers!

Miracle Friends is a Christmas loyalty campaign that has become a true holiday wonder for customers of the Aurora multimarket chain and has emerged as a TikTok trend during the first week of the campaign.

Art Nation Loyalty, in collaboration with Aurora, introduced unique 'Miracle Friends' gift boxes. Customers had the opportunity to receive these boxes with a 50% discount if fulfilling the campaign’s terms.

Each Miracle Friends gift box included a collectible talisman magnet, delicious chocolate cookies, and one surprise from the list: 

  • gold or silver pendant; 

  • an exclusive gift from Aurora (iPhone 13, iPad 9, Sony Playstation 5, Apple Watch, portable charger); 

  • a special partner gift (iron, headphones, toy construction set, portable charger, etc.); 

  • a 7% discount for next purchases at Aurora.

We developed POS materials for branding the store's sales area: hinged shelf talkers for promotional goods, posters, price tags, stickers at the checkout, advertising wobblers, and shelf talkers. Additionally, a video about the "Miracle Friends" campaign was created to inform customers. We engaged Ukrainian influencers to promote the campaign on social media platforms (TikTok and Instagram).

The campaign became an inspiration, as it allowed us to create a festive atmosphere for the consumers of the Aurora chain and pleasantly surprise their families.

During the first week, 70% of the Miracle Friends gift boxes were sold out, prompting the Aurora brand to make an extra order for holiday packages. 

The inclusion of jewelry in every 10 gift boxes proved to be a sales driver, creating significant hype. We garnered over 6.8 million views on the TikTok trend #диводрузі and received thousands of User-Generated Content (UGC) posts across different social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube). 

Customers won their patronus animal, along with superb gifts from the retailer and partners. 

Most impressively, they experienced the feeling that a real miracle was happening, with only the best moments lying ahead!



The product became a blockbuster, generating strong customer feedback and exceeding our expectations within the Aurora multimarket chain. Customers were eager to unpack the Miracle Friends gift boxes and share their impressions on social media.

The campaign period: from December 4, 2023 to January 5, 2024.

  • 6,8М+
    for the #диводрузі trend on TikTok
  • 70%
    of the boxes were sold out in the 1st week of the campaign

Aurora Multimarket is a leader in the dollar store segment in Ukraine. The retail chain has more than 1000 stores.

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