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  • Building a connection between the retailer and customers sharing sustainable values and creating precious moments of family time. πŸ‘€


LOVE Surprise
chocolate eggs with awesome dream gifts inside

A unique campaign called LOVE Surprise, dedicated to Valentine's Day in 2022, introduced the circulation of 500,000 special eggs made of chocolate and filled with diverse valuable gifts to the shelves of the ATB Market retail chain.

Among the gifts inside were exquisite jewelry pieces from Ukrzoloto: 1,000 items made of gold and 100,000 silver ones, as well as discount certificates for the next purchase in the partner store chains.

Besides, there was a Valentine card with a unique QR-code inside every egg. 

By scanning the code one could try his/her luck in a dream prize draw, which contained 5 smartphones, 5 tours abroad, 100 trips around Ukraine, and even 1,2 million UAH  for an apartment purchase.

What’s more, the first 200,000 participants, registered on the campaign website received discount certificates to Elfashop, the online beauty store, and a 30-days subscription for the SWEET.TV service.

The whole circulation of 500,000 chocolate eggs was sold out within 1 week, instead of 6 planned weeks. 

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Could you expect more?

The shortest and the coldest month of the year brings along the main holiday of love - Valentine's Day. In 2022, ATB Market, the largest retail network in Ukraine, assisted in creating a festive romantic atmosphere for millions of Ukrainians before the holiday.

From February 2 to March 13 2022 the most romantic campaign of the year was held in 1,316 supermarkets of the ATB Market retail chain around all 24 regions of the country, as well as in ATB online store. 

LOVE Surprise chocolate eggs, filled with diverse surprises and even valuable gifts for the customers, appeared on the product shelves of the stores.  

Could you expect more? Each participant of the romantic campaign automatically took part in a draw of more fantastic gifts, like 5 modern smartphones, 5 tours abroad, hundreds of exciting trips around Ukraine and an apartment.

The buzz around the campaign in social media excitedly spread day by day, so two weeks after the launch of the promo, the ATB Market chain increased the gift fund.



The whole circulation of 500,000 chocolate eggs was sold out within 1 week, instead of 6 planned weeks.

The campaign period: from February 2, 2022, to March 13, 2022.

  • 500,000
    LOVE Surprise eggs were sold
  • 6 days
    TOP TikTok trend
  • 65%
    Customer engagement via Valentine QR code

ATB is the number 1 largest Ukrainian chain of grocery supermarkets both in terms of turnover as well as in the number of stores. Currently, the network has 1,316 ATB stores in 24 regions of the country.

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