Gamified instant win reward та gamified stamp based campaigns with collectible mechanics. 👀

  • We develop unique merchandise and campaigns that drive audience traffic increase and create hype / get viral in social media. 👀

  • Building a connection between the retailer and customers sharing sustainable values and creating precious moments of family time. 👀


A phygital loyalty campaign

that has changed the dynamics of competition in the retail pharmacy industry in Ukraine.

JOYKIS is a phygital campaign that integrates physical and digital components: a product, a mobile game app, and, of course, surprises!

Inside each JOYKIS egg, customers discover immunity-boosting vitamins, a collectible game card featuring a hero from the JOYKIS Grand Tour mobile game, stickers, a keyring, and a temporary tattoo. Additionally, inside each one, there is a card with a PRIZY card QR code that customers can scan to receive guaranteed instant prizes from the 9-1-1 pharmacy chain or the campaign's partners brands. 

The main heroes of the campaign are original cute characters Joykis, a team of eco-heroes who care about a healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, and sustainable development. Children can play with them in the free JOYKIS Grand Tour mobile game and collect their own team of racing heroes. The JOYKIS campaign helps kids to learn environmentally friendly habits while playing, and having family time. The mobile app teaches children that garbage is not only waste, but also a source of energy that we get from recycling.

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Play and boost your immunity!

Vitamins tend not to be popular among kids. Therefore, in the JOYKIS campaign, we decided to combine unique products, such as a fun mobile game, temporary tattoos, stickers, everything that children love — with healthy immune-boosting vitamins. We've also prepared premiums for adults: a card with a PRIZY card QR code that can be scanned to receive instant rewards from various partner brands participating in the campaign.

Terms of participation in the JOYKIS campaign:

With each purchase totaling UAH 100 or the purchase of partner products, clients have the opportunity to buy a JOYKIS egg at an exclusive price of UAH 49.90 instead of the full price — UAH 100.

The JOYKIS surprise egg contains vitamins to boost immunity and engaging premiums:

  • A collectible card featuring an eco-hero for the mobile game JOYKIS Grand Tour. There is a collection of 24 cards. Activating a hero for the game is simple — all one needs to do is point the smartphone camera at the game card. The game teaches children that garbage is not only waste, but also a source of energy that we get from recycling. The free mobile app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Stickers.

  • A keyring.

  • Collection of temporary tattoos.

  • A  PRIZY card with QR code, scanning which guarantees customers additional instant gifts from the partners brands of the loyalty campaign.

We developed a set of POS materials for branding the store: posters, wobblers, price tags, stickers at the checkout, display boxes featuring JOYKIS eggs, eco-hero door stickers etc. Furthermore, audio advertising and video commercial were created for the pharmacy sales halls. All these elements assist us in capturing attention and conveying information about the loyalty campaign to retail clients.

The Joykis: Grand Tour app is an eco-hero racing game that educates children about waste, showcasing it as not just rubbish but also as a source of energy obtained through recycling. The collection of 24 JOYKIS eco-superheroes was divided into 4 teams according to the environment they lived in: forest, water, air and city. Featuring 4 distinct games settings in diverse locations, the game follows the 'collect and win' principle, greatly appealing to a younger audience. We've embedded an educational element, ensuring customers enjoy both entertainment and the opportunity to learn while engaging with the app.

Understanding the customer's desire for novel experiences and recognizing the impact of gaming and digital elements on business, we've developed a new product. The JOYKIS phygital loyalty campaign has revolutionized the traditional approach to pharmacy shopping in the Ukrainian market.



All JOYKIS eggs were sold out within 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks.

The campaign lasted from October 2, 2023, to November 30, 2023.

  • 100%
    All JOYKIS eggs were sold out within 4 weeks

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